Management Report

National Teachers Social Benefits Trust Fund

In development of the social purpose of the trust agreement entered with the Nation ? Ministry of National Education -, whose purpose is to manage the resources of a special account called National Teachers Social Benefits Trust Fund, FIDUPREVISORA S.A. has a staff of highly competent and experienced professionals and ample physical, technical and human infrastructure, capable of managing the teachers Special Legal Regime. This Trust Fund is coordinated by the Vice-Presidency of Funds who directs an Operations Division, a Health Services Division and two Directorates, which are: Affiliations & Accounts and Economic Benefits.

Since 2005, fundamental tasks for the Trust Fund have been accomplished, such as an improved Health Assistance Model and the speeding up of the handling and payment of economic benefits, based on the Simplified-formalities Law and strengthening the operation of the regional committee.

In the following link, you may observe a detailed report of the manner in which the Vice-Presidency of Funds administrates and manages the National Teachers Social Benefits Trust Fund.